Antonio Bonifati's Home Page

Farmer, Italian language teacher, Lisp functional programmer, sysadmin and free-software fellow

My software

Note: Some other stuff you can find at my github page.

Common Lisp
Hyde A monstrous static web-site generator
Spidey A framework for RAD of web spiders, for data extraction purposes
tpad A WinXP Notepad clone
mm1Queue A simple interactive M/M/1 queue simulator
Shell scripts
bak A simple and smart backup kit
sysupgrade A little utility that tries to automate the Linux upgrade process
bbb Optimal selection of files to burn to a CD or DVD
weekpeaks Server load summary
MyName A simple IP updater for
in_words, ordinal Writes cardinal and ordinal numbers in words
what_time Telling the time
koch Draws the Von Koch's curve on an HTML5 canvas using Logo-like turtle graphics
Under development
FormWriter An simple, intelligent and flexible form generator for PHP/MySQL
Giocondo A PHP/Ajax web kit for source based RAD on both the desktop and the web