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Farmer, Italian language teacher, Lisp functional programmer, sysadmin and free-software fellow

bak - BAckup Kit

A little and smart backup utility

This is one of the shell scripts I use to make backups of my personal system and servers I manage. bak makes easy to backup small selected portion of filesystems so the archive may fit on a single USB pen, CD or even one floppy. It also makes simple to add some dinamically generated information -- for example disk layout, listening TCP/IP ports, installed packages' list or whatever else you want, to exclude certain files from backup and automatically save only configuration files that has been really modified.

bak is only a few lines of code, releases under the GNU GPL. It relies on the GNU Bourne-Again SHell bash(1) and the tar(1), sed(1), find(1) and locate(1) utilities (actually slocate(1)). I made every effort to keep it portable, but I was only able to test it under Linux and Free/Open BSD.

If you have problems running bak on other platforms, discover a bug, want to submit a patch or a new feature request, please contact me and I will do my best to help you.