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My English-Italian Dictionary

Latest Version 33, 20873 entries.

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How to use it in Windows 7, for those who are not computer geeks

Go to this page and then click on the link labelled "32-bit Windows installer".
Link to download the latest version of GoldenDict

Download and run the GoldenDict installer in one go by clicking on the "Run" button. Input your computer administrator password if asked to.
IE won't let you download and run GoldenDict without a confirmation

When you see the installer for GoldenDict coming up, choose your language - this is for the installer only, the default should already be right - and proceed clicking on the "Next" button. Click on "I Agree" to accept a free licence. Accept the default "Install location" clicking "Next" again and finally confirm the installation clicking on "Install" and "Finish". You need to install GoldenDict, which is a program to read dictionaries, only once for each computer you want to use my dictionary in. Next step would be to actually install my dictionary.
The GoldenDict installation wizard starts here

Download my dictionary. Select "Save" and then "Open Folder". Right-click over the "ant_dictionary" zip file and select "Extract All..". In the "Select a Destination and Extract Files" wizard you must have "C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldenDict". You can copy and paste this path or locate it through the "Browse" button. Then click the "Extract" button. Select "Continue" and input your administrator password. Whenever you want to upgrade to a new version of my dictionary, just repeat this extraction process only. When doing an upgrade, make sure GoldenDict is closed before you extract the new dictionary version and always choose to overwrite existing files.
Be sure to extract ant_dictionary right here

Now go to C:\Program Files\GoldenDict, right click on GoldenDict.exe and drag it to your Desktop. Release your mouse right button and choose "Create shortcuts here". This adds a GoldenDict icon on your Desktop, like the one shown below. GoldenDict icon on your Desktop

Double click on the GoldenDict icon, then choose the "Dictionaries..." option from the "Edit" menu and push the "Add" button. Navigate to C:\Program Files\GoldenDict\ant_dictionary and click Select Folder. Make sure the Recursive check box is checked and then push the "OK" button.
Adding a dictionary path in GoldenDict The path to my dictionary has been added

That's it. Now begin using it! E.g. search for cat.
A screenshot of GoldenDict with ant_dictionary

What's this about?

In 2010 I moved to Scotland and I began to draw up my personal English to Italian dictionary. Learning a new language is a hard task. It seems that it never comes to an end. I wanted to record some sample translations for common sentences, idioms, compound words, verbal forms and alike. My Italian translations are all very good since I'm an Italian native. Although I don't live in the UK any more, I am continuing to maintain and to extend this work.

I'm also planning on turning this dictionary into a structured translation memory to feed a custom-developed pattern matching machine which will help to translate a text by suggesting good translations, often non literal ones. If someone wants to help me he/she's welcome!

Meanwhile you can download my dictionary and use it with the free software GoldenDict as described above. It will be useful to anyone interested in learning English or Italian as well.

A simpler tabfile source format is also available. Only for advanced users who wants to make their own branch out of it, doing free text searches or do some edits without contributing them to me (very bad idea!). No one can hold a copyright on a language, but my work is released under the terms stated below, please respect the license.

Creative Commons License
ant_dictionary. English-Italian dictionary by Antonio Bonifati is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.