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Farmer, Italian language teacher, Lisp functional programmer, sysadmin and free-software fellow

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Antonio Bonifati

I'm a farmer, Italian teacher and retired BSD/Linux programmer/administrator. You can contact me at:

antonio . bonifati

Please strip any space and add the Google Mail domain to obtain my real email address. Sorry, for the inconvenience, this is done to protect me from spamming.

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I want to proudly announce to the world that I have recently reverted my baptism. I am not a Christian, have never been one and won't embrace any other religion, remaining an agnostic all my life. Here's my unbaptismal certificate. About the existence of God, Bertrand Russell once said something really simple and logic I fully agree with: "Either the thing is true, or it isn't. If it is true, you should believe it, and if it isn't, you shouldn't. And if you can't find out whether it's true or whether it isn't, you should suspend judgment".