A little utility that tries to automate the Linux upgrade process
Installation and usage Changelog and TODO list Default config file

This is one of the shell scripts I use to automatically upgrade an entire Linux system. I use it on both client and server computers I manage. Sysupgrade purpose is to make easier to update configuration after a system upgrade.

This works by trying to merge differences after applying some patches to make context lines identical. The only requirement is that before you edit a configuration file for the first time you save a copy of the default version by appending a .bak-default extension to the name. This convention is also useful if you want to make backups of your configuration only. See the BAckup Kit for this.

In this first version only Arch Linux is supported. Debian support is planned in the near future. Sysupgrade is released under the GNU GPL license.

If you have problems running sysupgrade, discover a bug, want to submit a patch or a new feature request, please contact me and I will do my best to help you. If you are a developer and want to help supporting other Linux variants or other platforms, you are welcome.

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