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This is always a Work In Progress. If you want to help, simply send me new tips by email. You can find my address in the home page. Please first check the tips database (or its gzipped version) to make sure your tip is really new. If your tip only applies to a particular Unix version, don't forget to tell it in the tip. Comments and fixes about already present tips are also appreciated.

Database statistics

versione number 1
# of strings in the file 42
length of longest string 829
length of shortest string 65
    delimiting character %
    size in bytes 11108
    last modified June 20 2009 15:35:11

    How to make your own tips database with FreeBSD and PHP

    If you want to manage your own tips repository and access it via the web like this, read on. The database is quite simple, so you don't need to use a RDBMS for this. Instead you can generate the database using the FreeBSD strfile(8) command, and query it by using fortune(6). With this simple Makefile you can maintain your tips database sorted and updated. You just have to edit the text file containing the tips and then run make(1). I've also written a PHP script to display the statistics and this is the PHP code needed to make up a page to display a random tip along with the statically generated statistic information. With the same tools you can easily maintain multiple tips databases, each related to a particular subject.

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